Are you an active or retired engineer or technician with solid manufacturing experience?  Do you desire the flexibility that comes from working on a freelance basis?  Are you available to travel?

  If so, we´d love to hear from you!

Consultants - Freelance Engineers

Our industrial clients need qualified personnel to assist with capital projects and provide plant support on a contractual basis.  Contract jobs may not be for everyone, but they can provide benefits depending on your personal situation.

  • Contract jobs offer freedom and flexibility that a full-time job may not.  Many people like the flexibility of taking time off between projects, and retirees often find that contract positions fit well with their desire to slow down without droppping out of the workforce altogether.
  • Your know-how and your experience may allow more input or control over a project than you than you would normally have.

Other benefits include developing work experience in an area to beef up your resume, earning top dollar as a contractor (though you will be responsible for own medicare taxes and insurance) and the opportunity to see different parts of the country or the world.

What do our engineers do?

Our engineers typically supervise field activities, helping customers to monitor and control project safety, quality, schedule, and cost.

Where are the assignments?

Our engineers work in a manufacturing or construction environment, typically on a small team under the direction of the customer's chief project engineer.  Locations are worldwide - jobs may be in the United States or elsewhere.  Applicants for jobs in the USA need to have the correct immigration status.

How long do the assignments last?

The length of an assignment varies according to the client's needs - assignments can be short-term (1 week to 3 months), medium-term (3 to 18 months), or long-term (1.5 up to 3 years).  We work to place you in a role that fits your needs. 

How do I apply?

Experts with relevant experience who are available for assignments now or in the future are invited to apply HERE and/or send your CV by email to so that you are available for consideration when opportunities arise.  

We strive to match the following types of engineers and technicians with projects that are of interest to them: